Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hello Tuesday!

I have a few moments to spare before class so I thought that I would explain why I chose my blog name to be "Just a Small Town Girl." Obviously the name describes that I come from a tiny town, with one stop light (ok two, but I grew up with only one). In my town EVERYBODY knows everybody else's business. I can't say I am a fan of that, but when tragedy strikes it is nice to have such a close knit community. :)

My schedule today is awesome! I have one class today at 11 :) Then my whole day is free! I usually hit the gym after class come home and shower, do whatever homework I have (which has been minimal lately) and then I am a huge lazy person. I will watch Grey's anatomy for hours on end on my laptop! -I may be a little obsessed. I know this may sound like a boring life- but I am gonna soak up my non-busy life as much as I can because next year I will be working full-time (hopefully) and will miss being able to just relax!

Today is Valentines Day. And I do have a special Valentine... He is unfortunately back at home but he will be visiting this weekend and we will be going on a double date with my wonderful sister and brother-in-law to see the vow :) has anyone seen it? I can't wait! :) Channing Tatum-nice eye candy! HAHA. I am also a huge fan of Rachel McAdams as well :). Anyway Valentine's Day is a nice day, but I don't go all crazy about it. Everyday my boyfriend treats me like a princess so I don't need one day out of the year for him to spoil me! He does everyday :). I woke up to a cute text from him which made my whole day already! no need for flowers (which will just die, waste of money) or anything! Plus I just had a birthday and our year and half anniversary is on sunday! :)

I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday :)

P.s. I am obsessed with quotes so I thought at the end of each of my blogs I would post one that means something to me each day :)

I found this one fitting for today because its from the movie "Valentine's Day:"

"In a relationship you have to accept the other person for all of who they are and not just the parts that are easy to life, and your stupid if you turn your back on something as important as love."


  1. I'm dying to see the Vow too!! I keep hearing mixed reviews.. but with Channing Tatum I don't see HOW it couldn't be good. ;)

  2. Thanks for being my first follower :) besides my sister! and I have to agree with you on that just watching Channing Tatum will make it worthwhile haha! :)